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Local Compost & Recycled Glass Sand (1 Cubic Foot)

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We collaborated with Local Cooling Farms & Laughing Buddha Nursery to create an in-house recycled glass sand and compost mixture! Formulated to deliver the optimal drainage, pH, nutrients, and microbiology for a long-lasting soil biome. Fully amended for great results right out of the bag. Ingredients: compost, aged pine bark, worm castings, crab meal, alfalfa meal, and the best recycled sand on planet earth!

Mixed at a ratio of 80% local compost to 20% Glass Half Full recycled glass sand. Packaged in an upcycled burlap bag from our local coffee roaster partners - which doubles as a biodegradable weed cover! 

Currently available only for local pickup at 3935 Louisa Street Monday to Saturday.