About Glass Half Full

We collect millions of pounds of glass "waste" annually, diverting it from landfills and recycling it into sand and gravel that benefits community -- from disaster relief and coastal restoration to eco-construction, new glass products, and everything in between.

We produce five sizes of glass sand and gravel in an assortment of colors that can be substituted as a sustainable alternative to dredged sand and gravel in countless applications.

  • Greener

    Products are locally produced and made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, qualifying for several LEED points

  • Cleaner

    Sand and gravel are solely made from glass products as opposed to various sediments and minerals found in dredged material

  • Safer

    Recycled glass products are made of amorphous silica which is non-cancerous compared to crystalline silica found in traditional sand

Our Cobalt Blue collection

Cobalt Blue, Level 5 (Fine Powder Sand)Cobalt Blue, Level 5 (Fine Powder Sand)