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Clear/White, Level 5 (Fine Powder Sand)

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Level 5 | Fine Powder

Size Distribution: <0.4mm

Colors: Mixed-color, White, Green, Cobalt Blue

Our Fine Powder Sand, sometimes referred to as Masonry Sand or white sand, although it can come in beige, tan, green, and blue varieties in addition to a white-gray color. This fine-grained sand is utilized across several industries including the creation of mortar or concrete; the final product is typically used to lay bricks, blocks, or stones. It can also be used to create a clean, white line between blocks or bricks, for sandblasting media, play-sand, and more. It’s generally a bit easier to work with than utility sand, and so commonly found in patio construction.

Volume to weight ratio:

1 cubic foot = 100 lbs
1 cubic yard = 2000 lbs (1 ton)